About Us

What We Believe

Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality values equity, education and empowerment. We believe that knowledge is not power without access and representation. We believe that an inclusive multi-cultural community will produce a stronger society.

Equity: Fair policies, processes and practices that bring about access and equality

Education: Knowledge, skills and understanding to fulfill a chosen role

Empowerment: Self-actualization, awareness and ability to influence


Our Mission

Equity, Accountability, Unity

  • To Promote Equity for Our Children in Salem/Keizer Public School District and in the Community
  • To Advocate for the Respect of Civil and Human Rights of All People in Our Community
  • To Seek Accountability from All Salem/Keizer Community Administrators, Policy Makers, Staff and Employees.
  • To Unite the Salem/Keizer Community and Speak with ONE Voice to END Discrimination and Inequality.
  • We Support and Network with all Statewide Organizations and Educational Advocates who Support OUR Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is that Oregon will be a place known for inclusive and equitable education and justice, which upholds civil and human rights and produces success for every parent and child from all backgrounds. Our vision is that every child will succeed in school and graduate with the skills and opportunities to continue education, obtain job skills, and gain financial self-sufficiency, leading to healthy, safe, stable families, a vibrant economy and shared political power.

Our Strategy

Top Down: Advocate with policy makers, administrators and the business community to ensure equal access to opportunities, representation and a voice in institutional and societal decision-making.

Bottom Up: Engage, educate and equip marginalized parents and families to access opportunities and exert leadership on behalf of their children

Our Programs

Educa e Inspira (Educate and Inspire): A 16-unit curriculum that engages low-income immigrant Latino parents to learn about their children’s education and how to help their children and youth succeed with skills in academics and life.

Statewide Training of Trainers (TOT): Prepares parent leaders to become proficient facilitators for the 16-unit Educa e Inspira parent involvement curriculum.

Parent-led literacy programs that build Spanish literacy skills in low-income, Spanish-speaking parents so they can help their children build vocabulary and read on grade level.

Leyendo Avanzamos/Reading Together We Advance: A kindergarten to second grade program for students and their parents.

Aprendiendo Avanzamos /Learning Together We Advance: A preschool program for age 3-5 year-old children and their parents that uses Leyendo Avanzamos concepts and parenting classes combined.

Parenting classes in Spanish using evidence-based and culturally relevant curricula.

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors: is the nation’s first evidence-based comprehensive program developed by and for Latino parents with children ages 0-5.

Haga de la Paternidad un Placer/Make Parenting a Pleasure: a culturally adapted Spanish Language program from Parenting Now!

This post is also available in Spanish