“College Begins at Home” Parent Conference–Great Success!

“College Begins at Home” Parent Conference was held on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at Chemeketa Community College. It attracted over 250 participants that attended 23 workshops designed increased parent involvement and to engage parents in their children’s education.

The focus of the conference was to help parents to understand the new core standards. Parents were divided into three strands, one for parents that were interested in pre-kinder to third grade, one for parents that were interested in fourth grade to seventh grade and one for parents interested in eighth grade to twelfth grade.

The Governor’s Education goals for 100 percent of our students to graduate from high school, with 40 percent reaching a 4-yr degree and 40% reaching a 2-yr or technical degree. (40-40-20) We have a sense of urgency for our Latino students to reach this goal. They will need to work extra hard, have their parents strongly involved and extra support in our schools and community. The conference was the start of a three year initiative to expand our outreach and measure our results.

Parents said that they felt honored to be in the beautiful facilities of the Chemeketa campus. They also felt honored to hear Nancy Golden, Rob Saxton, David Bautista, Linda Herrera and Ramon Ramirez. Their evaluations were positive; many commented that they wanted to attend more conferences and workshops, and wanted more information about various themes.

The majority of participants gave high marks to the well-organized registration process, the food, the accommodaions, the excellence of the presenters, the themes and materials presented, and the professionalism of the program overall.

The event was in partnership with Chemeketa Community College sponsored by Oregon Community Foundation, Chula Vista Restaurant, Reading for ALL, CCTV, The Collins Foundation, Select Impressions and many other community partners and members.