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Do you remember your parents reading to you as a child? Maybe on a cold rainy day you curled up in your mother or father’s warm lap, and they helped you sound out letters and words. Or perhaps at night they tucked you in and read you a bedtime story. When you were older, your parents probably checked in with you about your grades and made sure you had finished your homework.

And their most basic responsibility–they made sure you got to school every day, overcoming obstacles of stomach-aches and fevers, the ‘I don’t want to go to school’ blues, breakfast and clean clothes, alarm clocks and transportation.

But what if your parents had never lived this experience in their birth country? What if they didn’t have a vision for your future because they didn’t know one was possible? What if they just needed someone to explain in their own language how our system of education works?

The Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality involves, informs and coaches Spanish speaking low-income immigrant parents so they can become their child’s first teacher and coach for success!

Parents are our Specialty

The news about Oregon’s education performance can be discouraging. Oregon has been working hard with the strategic plan developed in 2011 and it has brought solid results, but not fast enough. We must stay the course and each do our part. SKCE’s niche is parents, specifically Latino parents of nearly 40% of the district’s students. One of the huge factors impacting education success is attendance, and parents are the first line of defense.

Attendance Works has developed the roadmap for the nation in overcoming attendance problems.The Chalkboard Project has incorporated it into their work with Oregon’s education reform plan. The most important takeaway is that the solution to chronic absenteeism is a multi-faceted approach that needs to be done as a team with all components implemented together, not piecemeal.

It includes addressing poverty, health, curriculum, cultural responsiveness, specialized professional development for teachers to support them with new ideas and techniques, and safe and welcoming schools with great customer service. The team must consist of parents and families, schools and districts, business and community organizations, in collaboration. And relationships with parents and families is the starting point. For systemic solutions that truly changes the education culture of families, the community and its schools, parents are the key.

That’s why SKCE has always focused on Parent-led Programs, by parents, for parents.

Parents helping parents, Parents leading parents, Parents leading their families, Parents leading at schools, Parents as Partners with teachers and Parents as Community Leaders. 

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Happy Holidays!