2019 SKCE Fall Fundraising Campaign

Can you believe that it is already October?! 

This year Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality has been working with the Salem Keizer School District and with the School Board to strengthen policies and practices that will improve students’ outcomes, increase relationships and trust with Latino parents, and encourage their engagement.

With many new changes happening in our area, we are asking for your help!  We have a goal of raising $12,000 by the end of December.  We know you care as much about the success of the 5000 Latino students and their families in the expanded feeder area of 12 schools as we do, and as the 700 teachers do.

The services and workshops that we provide to our Latino parents, both in Early Learning and in Parents Organizing Project, are free of charge to them, and in order to continue to offer those services, we need your support to continue in providing these resources to them. We are also planning a fantastic parent conference in the spring.  We haven’t had one for many years, and parents really love them and respond to them.  They receive information from teachers, experts and other parents, and they follow up with more involvement in our programs and other programs that will strengthen the North High families, neighborhoods and schools.

Recently, SKCE’s parent leaders met with three school board members, in which the parents were able to address their priorities; at the top of the list was school safety, bullying and mental health, along with strengthening parent engagement and more bilingual/bicultural teachers.   Because of SKCE’s involvement and empowering parents to voice their concerns, the district has implemented many changes to the school district, one of them being the Safe and Welcoming School Resolution.  This is exciting because there are many Latino parents who are hesitant to get involved in their school.  But thanks to SKCE’s partnership with the school district they are able to feel welcomed and empowered.

SKCE was also involved in the Boundary Task Force, creating new boundaries for over 30 schools, because of the school bond to address overcrowding with new remodels and expansion of many schools, including North High.  Latino and other parents expressed last spring their vision of where the boundaries should be and the concessions they could accept for their children changing schools.

Our organization has helped many Latino parents feel that they are being heard and that their concerns are being addressed.  That is very important to have in our community.  We want to ensure that there are equitable educational outcomes for our children.

Your support makes many great things happen!  Please consider an investment to our Latino Parents and their children.  Donor donations help make the programs and resources that we offer to our Latino Parents and their children possible.


Help us reach our goal by raising $12,000 by the end of December! Give today!  Help our Latino families and students succeed and thrive.





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