SKCE Parent Leadership Group meets with SK Public Schools Board Members to Discuss 2019-2020 Year Advocacy Priorities

The Parent Leadership Group testified before the Salem Keizer School District School Board in June to present their 6 most pressing issues for Latino students and their families for the coming school year. In August, the School Board took the parent concerns into consideration when revising and affirming the Safe and Welcoming Schools Resolution.

After that resolution was in place, the Parent Leadership Group decided on the 3 top issues for the current school year. They then invited the School Board members to visit SKCE to talk about these most pressing issues of the Latino students and their families. They have settled on the top 3 most pressing issues for the year and are addressing them in the School Year 2019-2020 Advocacy Priorities for Education Change list. The 3 top issues are:

  • Bullying, Security and Discipline: Bullying includes security issues and discipline. In addition to the common bullying, Latino students are suffering a much higher level of bullying that plays on their personal fears of racial violence and family separation.
  • More Support for Meaningful Involvement of Latino Fathers and Mothers: Some schools are doing well but many are not. They are not welcoming to parents and don’t know how to meaningfully involve them.
  •  More Bilingual and Bi-cultural Teachers: There has been progress, but it is too slow. We are asking the board to focus on a policy to increase recruitment, hiring, training, retention and promotion of Bilingual and Bi-cultural Teachers.

The Parents met with 3 school board members and talked about their concerns, based on the invitation that was sent to the School Board, with a request for action. They will be meeting with the other board members in mid-October.