The SKCE 2019 Fall Fundraiser is in Full Swing – Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Today!

Learn more about our recent activities and plans for this school year by reading our SKCE Fall Fundraiser page. Latino students do better in school when their parents are involved. Parents in SKCE Programs learn how to be effectively involved and help their children graduate. Parents learn how the school system works, how to work with teachers and other staff, and how important attendance and homework are.

Evaluations have shown that students whose parents have been involved in SKCE programs increase attendance, improve their grades and test scores, and graduate.

courtesy of Statesman Journal

Our programs serve parents with children from Preschool to Graduation, and we serve about 700 parents and children each year.

We need to raise $12,000 by the end of December.  You can help change the lives of hundreds of students this school year.

To learn more about how our programs help parents as the first teachers, mentors and coaches for their children, check out our Parent Organizing Project and Early Learning pages. To learn more about how our programs help parents become leaders at home, at school and in the community, check out our Leadership and Civic Engagement page.