Our 2018 Raising the Bar for Oregon Luncheon was a success!

Between our generous business sponsors and supporters, the 2018 Raising the Bar luncheon was a great success! The luncheon attendees, donors and sponsors together raised a total that was an all time high for SKCE events. 

Our 2018 Luncheon theme question was

How can we accelerate Oregon’s education rate
of success and get out of the bottom 5 in the nation?


The following 11-minute video was shown during our luncheon:


The following video is our full luncheon with guest speakers 

Our Sponsors



Our 2017 Raising the Bar for Oregon Luncheon was a success!

Thank you to our generous business sponsors and supporters who made the luncheon not only possible, but successful.


Our 2017 Luncheon theme was

Partnerships for Student Success: Parents, Schools and Community

Our business sponsors are:

Two videos and a slideshow of the luncheon.

The following 11-minute video was shown during our luncheon:


And our excellent speakers, Professor Ann Ishimaru and Emilio Solano, as well as our Executive Director, Annalivia Palazzo-Angulo, are available in the 1 hour video.


Photos of our generous supporters at the luncheon can also be found on our

Facebook page.

Our 2016 Raising the Bar for Oregon Luncheon videos are ready!

We hope that you enjoy these two videos. One is of our full luncheon program and the other is an extract of our parents testimonies.

Our wonderful long time board member, Aurora Cedillo, was the MC. Our Executive Director, Annalivia Palazzo Angulo kicked off the luncheon, followed by our keynote speaker, Salam Noor, the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction for Oregon’s Department of Education. Next was the former student body President at Willamette University, Shamir Cervantes, followed by parent testimonies. Bless her heart, Celia Flores tearfully followed her mother’s video testimony. It was one of many great moments in the luncheon. Maria Isabel Saldaña, daughter of another parent program participant and a current freshman at Willamette University, followed Celia.

Eric Lindauer, former President of Oregon Community Foundation and co-founder of the Latino Partnership Project, was our closing speaker.

To view the individual speeches, forward the full luncheon video to the time listed below for each speaker:

Salam Noor (17:00)
Shamir Cervantes (31.18)
Celia Flores (50:16)
Maria Isabel Saldaña (54:06)
Eric Lindauer  (1:01:30)



The shorter video below is an extract of full length video where two of our program parents speak about their dedication to their children’s education, and the training they received from SKCE to help their children.

Thank You for Helping Us to Meet Our Goal!

Thank You!

You made our 2016 Annual Luncheon,

Raising the Bar for Oregon,

a huge success!


Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

What a powerful event we had last Wednesday May 18th!  
Salam Noor, Deputy Superintendent of Oregon, delivered a powerful  speech to spur us to action on increasing parent and community  engagement in schools as one of the most critical factors in closing the achievement gap.
Shamir Cervantes, former student body president of Willamette University, moved the audience to a standing ovation after baring his heart and his life experience as a brown Mexican son of Migrant farmworkers. 
Celia Flores, daughter of parents involved in SKCE’s parent programs for over 12 years, brought the audience to tears as she shared her pride and gratefulness for her family’s difficult and successful journey and her mother’s determination.
Maria Isabel Saldaña, freshman at Willamette University and daughter of SKCE participants, eloquently shared the meaning of her journey to becoming a DACA student.

Finally, Eric Lindauer, former president of the Oregon Community Foundation and founder of the Latino Partnership Project, asked you to give, to assure that hundreds more parents will have the opportunity to empower their families.

And you responded! You raised $5,720–enough to provide more than 30 parents with a series of engaging classes about communication, understanding the education system or preventing risky behaviors.

SKCE belongs to the parents, to the community, to you!


A big big thank you to our Sponsors!

Raising the Bar for Oregon a huge success!

Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality’s third Annual Raising the Bar for Oregon took place in the beautiful Cedar Hall of Salem Alliance Church in Salem, Oregon. The event, a fundraising luncheon for the last two years, has the motto of “Expect More, Do More, Give More,” and was attended by nearly 150 people. Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, was the keynote speaker and spoke powerfully to all who are invested in the success of Oregon’s education reform, and the educational success of our children and youth.

Guest speaker Shadiin Garcia (pronounced “Shawn-deen”), OEIB Research and Policy Analyst, focused especially on our children and families of color, of different ethnicities and cultures, and of those speaking a language other than English. The event concluded with Jim Seymour, Executive Director of Catholic Community Services, telling a powerful story from his childhood to ask all attendees to open their pocketbooks for our children’s education. The attendees–education institutions, not-for-profit organizations, businesses and philanthropists–went home with renewed motivation to keep up the good work while also improving their work to increase the success of all our children in school.

We want to profusely thank our sponsors, Pioneer Trust Bank, Salem Health, Central School District, Olsen’s Florist and Salem Alliance Church; and our table sponsors, Western Oregon University, Central School District, Salem-Keizer School District, Salem Chamber of Commerce, CAUSA Immigrant Rights Coalition, Eastern Oregon University, Chief Education Officer Dr. Nancy Golden, Silverton Health, Greater Albany School District and Woodburn School District.

The annual May event featured a delicious salad catered by Alfredo Prieto, owner of the Baja Fresh located at Lancaster and Center. We are already looking forward to finding new powerful keynote speakers and presenters for May 2016 and increasing the size of our venue.

See the videos shown at this year’s luncheon.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Parents and Youth Skill Building Conference


Together, we can accomplish this school year with success!

The Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality has been working with Roberts High School with the High School Graduation Initiative grant. The coalition uses the strategy of preparing parents and youth together in order to reach their goals and succeed in school. Fathers and Mothers are the most important people in the world to encourage and support their teenage children as they prepare for higher education and their future life.

This summer program ended in September with the Skill Building Conference for Parents and Youth, held at McKay High School. Forty parents and twenty youth attended on Saturday the 27th. They were able to choose from two workshops—The Importance of Knowing our Culture” or “How to Influence our Children Positively.”

The guest speaker, Rick Puente, is a Juvenile Detective in the Woodburn Police Department. Rick was born in Oregon, attended school in Salem-Keizer, and graduated from McNary High School. He attended Chemeketa Community College and studied business and criminal justice. His focus has been in prevention and intervention of drugs, gangs and other problems that our youth face today. He talked to parents about the things they can do and strategies they can use to motivate their sons and daughters to improve their behavior and have success in school. The conference offered informational workshops and resources.

Detective Puente talked about his father, who has been blind his whole life, and who has taught him strong values and demanded respect. The most important value he learned from his father is honesty, and he wants parents to teach and expect these values from their children.