Educa e Inspira (Educate and Inspire)

 What is Educa e Inspira?

In this program, Spanish-speaking immigrant parents learn skills needed to engage with their children at home and at school so their children stay positively involved in education, graduate from high school and obtain higher education and/or job skills.

How does it Work? Who is Involved?

• The “Educa e Inspira” workshops are taught by parents who are trained facilitators from the Spanish-speaking immigrant community.

• The program is available in 18-units or class sessions, and is grounded in the Popular Education philosophies and strategies.

• Parent facilitators receive ongoing professional development in facilitation, communication, Popular Education, and peer mentoring.

• Schools and districts contract and partner with the Coalition, and workshops are held at local schools.

• Recruitment is focused on relationship-building and customized outreach by other bilingual, bi-cultural parents in addition to school staff.

How does it Grow Leaders and Advocates?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer and take leadership positions in the schools and community. When an opportunity for civic engagement arises, parents are invited to participate; and are trained to be effective.

Through the POP, a previously dis-empowered parent may grow into a community and school leader, organizer, educator, and an agent of lasting change.

What is the Goal?

To engage and equip Spanish-speaking parents to play a powerful role at home, at school, and in the community.

A high level of parent engagement at school and at home will help close the achievement gap between low-income students who are learning English and their native English-speaking, middle-class peers.