The SKCE 20th Anniversary Luncheon was a Success!



Thank you to all of our great supporters!

Attendance was high and we had many of our founding members in the audience. With our founding folks available, spirits were extra high, too! Our annual luncheon business sponsors, always great supporters, were in top form this year, and we had many new sponsors!


If you weren’t able to attend the luncheon or want to see a portion of it again,

here’s the full luncheon video:




Extracted Speeches, interviews and presentation videos

Eduardo not only talks about his history with SKCE, but

gives Javier Quiroz a surprise!




Carmen Urbina, Deputy Director of Oregon Department of Education,

and luncheon keynote speaker, tells the history of SKCE

and its impact in both Salem schools

and in Oregon education over the last 20 years.



In some quick extracts, some of our founders talk about the beginning of SKCE:



In more complete interviews, the last 20 years of the Coalition’s work is discussed

by the SKCE community.


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