Parent Organizing Project (POP)

What does the Parent Organizing Project do?

  • Engages low-income immigrant Latino parents in learning about their children’s education, their school system, and how to help their children succeed

  • Provides an 18-unit “Educa e Inspire” curriculum, which is grounded in Popular Education methodologies involving active sharing and storytelling, visual and relational learning, and critical thinking.

  • Supports parents to grow as leaders and advocates

Programs included in POP are:

 – Educa e Inspira (Educate & Inspire)

The Educa e Inspira workshops are taught by parents who are trained facilitators from the Spanish-speaking immigrant community. Parents learn skills needed to engage with their children at home and at school so their children stay positively involved in education, graduate from high school and obtain higher education and/or job skills. Educa e Inspira aims to empower Latino parents to take control of their own learning and to effect change in their own lives, their families and their communities.

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 – Training of Trainers (TOT)

The TOT prepares parent leaders to become proficient facilitators for the 18-units Educa e Inspira (Educate & Inspire) parent involvement curriculum.

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 – Grupo de Apoyo (Parent Support Group)

The Grupo de Apoyo meets once per month on Saturday mornings during the school year to build skills that help prevent drug and gang involvement by their children.