Leadership and Civic Engagement

The Model:

Parents as Leaders at Home, at School, and in the Community

Parent Teacher Organizations creating committed parent teacher groups at schools that are inclusive of multiple languages, cultures and ethnicities. We bring our culture as Latino parents and work to create inclusive multicultural multilingual spaces for parent voices. This project is an opportunity to foster and grow parent leadership in order to transform individual schools, increase student success, and create an inclusive education system.

Systems Change Project We work with the Salem Keizer School District to reach our collective goal of having an equitable workforce that represents and meets the needs of all students. We investigate and learn where we can be of help and give guidance in the district’s workforce development goals of equity: teacher recruitment, hiring, retention and professional development.  As immigrant Spanish speaking parents, we have vast knowledge and experience about our children and our community, and our expertise brings unique perspectives and cultural lens to inform the district in their policies, processes and practices.

Leadership Equity Projects Everywhere in our community, volunteers, boards, appointees, commissions and elected officials keep our community running smoothly. But they need to represent the communities they serve. Salem and Keizer residents are now 25% Latino and 35% people of color. We are building a unique leadership pipeline for parents committed to engaging in civic work and partnerships, and we are preparing for a multilingual community, where language is not a barrier to having a voice and contributing to a healthy community.

Advocacy and Networks  When the legislature, school board, or commission passes or adopts a bill, who writes the rules? Every bill passed at the legislature goes into committee for Rules writing. It is one of the many places that diverse voices are needed. We contribute to these committees at the state level and work with other organizations invested in education excellence whose priority is equity for the underrepresented. SKCE is part of a statewide alliance including APANO, Stand for Children, Chalkboard Project, Black Parents Initiative, Latino Network, Coalition for Communities of Color, Adelante Mujeres, Salem Keizer NAACP, Capaces Leadership Institute, and many others.