Mission and Values

What We Believe

The Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality values equity, education and empowerment. We believe that
knowledge is not power without access and representation, and we believe that an inclusive multi-cultural community will produce a stronger society.

Equity      Fair policies, processes and practices that bring about access and equality

Education     Knowledge, skills and understanding to fulfill a chosen role

Empowerment     Self-actualization, awareness and ability to influence

 Our Vision

 Every child and youth from every background –

  • receives  equitable education and justice in Oregon and has an equal opportunity to succeed.

  • is  academically prepared to graduate from high school with the skills opportunities to continue their education, obtain job skills, and gain financial self-sufficiency.

  • lives  in a healthy and safe, inclusive multicultural community, with a stable functional family and a vibrant economy.

  • is  well-represented in institutions that function inclusively, with shared power, and serve the whole community without prejudice.

 Our Mission

We advocate and partner with Latino families, schools and communities to ensure equitable educational outcomes.

Our Strategy

Top Down: Advocate with policy makers, administrators and the business community to ensure equal access to opportunities, representation and a voice in institutional and societal decision-making.

Bottom Up: Engage, educate and equip marginalized parents and families to access opportunities and exert leadership on behalf of their children.