Ready! For Kindergarten (¡Listo! para Kindergarten)

What does Ready! for Kindergarten do?

Ready! for Kindergarten educates families about their important role in raising readers, supports schools in assuring that students read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade and facilitates community involvement in helping young readers be successful.

How does Ready! for Kindergarten work?

Three workshops a year are provided for parents of preschool children – from birth to age 5 – to help children enter kindergarten at grade level with their peers. During the workshops the parents are given fun and effective ways to teach their children at home.

Books and library cards are provided, with a “read to me” list, information on reading to babies, and an introduction to the school district.

What are the Ready! for Kindergarten goals?

The main goal is to close literacy gaps so children are ready for school, and close or reduce literacy gaps each school year so children are reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

What does the research say?

Each year, about 40% of children enter kindergarten 1 to 3 years behind their peers.

In the Ready! for Kindergarten program, approximately 90% of the children entered kindergarten at or above kindergarten readiness level.

(If the children’s learning gap can be closed by end of 3rd grade, their chances of graduating high school increase dramatically.)